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Welcome to Yoa Games, home of the game development fun by indie game developer Yoa (@yoagames).

About Yoa Games

Who's Yoa? When Sterre was little she called me Yoa (or Joa) instead of Johan, I thought that name sounded cool and chose this name my indie game development projects. The name Yoa is also a reference to yoga which I started to practice some years ago to improve my health.
When I was 16 I bought my first computer, a VIC20, and learned myself to program BASIC from the vic's manual and started to create my first games. I remember creating a moon patrol like game and also some other side scrollers, a karate game, a qbert clone and many others.
That was a long time ago but ever since I've been creating 2d and 3d games on various platforms ranging from DOS/Linux to the 1st Xbox/Windows, etc. When I discovered Libgdx a few years ago I saw the possibility of being able to release games to the public on a multitude of platforms.
The last few years I've been working on a game called DICED Pilot.
DICED Pilot is a 2D action game in which you control the 'DICED dimension ship' and manoeuvre it through a variety of dimension levels (DICED stands for Dimension Injected Cockpit Embedding Device). The game is currently in private beta on itch.io for PC, Linux and Mac. Contact Yoa Games if you're interest in playtesting.

DICED Pilot Gameplay



The goal is to reach the exit point of each level while collecting as many gems as possible.



Interact by battling enemies, pushing objects around, changing gravity, detonating bombs and more!



New level packs and game modes such as Time Challenge, Boomerang Mode and Chaos Factor can be unlocked by earning achievements.

A wide variety of levels are intermingled with short training levels to introduce new concepts and abilities such as magnet-like manoeuvring, new weapon and jetpack types, shield and various other power ups.

For more info visit the DICED Pilot website.

Photos and screenshots


Email: yoagames@gmail.com
Twitter: @yoagames